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Visitors can enjoy guided tours of our three historical buildings, which are surrounded by our Florida Friendly Gardens and our well-manicured rose garden.

Historic Rosen Building

Rosen Building at Cape Coral Historical MuseumThe Rosen Building is named in honor of Leonard and Jack Rosen, the Fathers of Cape Coral. Together they created the Gulf American Land Corporation, purchased the land that they dug into canals, and invented Cape Coral. The Rosen building was the original pro shop/snack bar at the Cape Coral Country Club in 1960. It was moved to the present location as the first museum in 1987. The Rosen Building houses our administrative offices, the Museum Store and our video viewing room.
Gulf American Land Corp. Building

Gulf American Land Corp Building Cape CoralThe Gulf American Land Corp. Building opened in 2003. It features a replica sales room that brings to life the Rosens' innovative marketing tactics. The GALC building also features information on the Calusa and Seminole Native Americans, original homesteaders, cracker house exhibits, and a mural depicting the beautiful Cape Coral Gardens. It also is the home to our Archive and Reference Library which holds all of the Museum's artifacts, club and city records, and reference files on almost every topic!
Kelly Building

Kelly Building at Cape Coral Historical MuseumThe Kelly Building was donated by Clint and Sue Kelly, long time residents of Cape Coral, and opened in 2008. The majority of the Kelly building chronicles the growth of the city’s businesses, government, schools, services and parks from the City's incorporation date of 1970.