We have the best
4th Annual Bluegrass Jamboree
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Music, food, and fun for the whole family!
Gate opens at 11:00 am
Bands 12:15 pm to 5 pm

Bluegrass Jamboree at Cape Coral Historical Museum
Bluegrass Jamboree PDF
Nu-Blu (Our Headliner -- National Band)
Nu-Blu, National Bluegrass Band
"Hailing from Siler City, the textbook definition of a picturesque small southern town, Nu-Blu’s heart and soul is husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Carolyn Routh. Carolyn’s caramel-coated soprano is one of the band’s defining traits, at times a tender lullaby, at times a freight train headed straight for you, but always unwinding a surprising tale. Daniel is the group’s backbone, a multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist who also runs the band’s business. Calder Baker on vocals and banjo, and Justin Harrison on mandolin and fiddle round out the quartet’s warm, layered, Appalachian sound. Together they deliver upbeat, blazing-fingers pick work just as well as gentle, heartwarming ballads, and they do it all with a natural togetherness that can’t be faked, forged over hundreds of shows on the road."
Swinging Bridge (Beloved Florida Band)

Swinging Bridge Bluegrass Band at Bluegrass Jamboree Swinging Bridge is a very accomplished and popular Bluegrass Band in not only SWFL but much of the Southwest! Hailing from Venice, Florida we are overjoyed to have Swinging Bridge back again to play in the Bluegrass Jamboree!

Swinging Bridge Bluegrass Band at Bluegrass Jamboree
Swinging Bridge Bluegrass Band at Bluegrass Jamboree

"Tribute to Patsy Cline" (Cape Coral Local)

Linda Fazioli performs Tribute to Patsy Cline at Bluegrass Jamboree Cape Coral
Beautiful and talented, Linda Fazioli will perform a Tribute to Patsy Cline.  Linda not only captures Patsy's dialect and personality, but also delivers powerful renditions of her classic country hits.  Her husband Frank will accompany Linda on  guitar and keyboard.

Blu-Ridg (Local Blue Grass Band)

Blu-Ridg Bluegrass Band at Blue Grass Jamboree Cape Coral Florida Blu-Ridg is a wonderful local Bluegrass Band right here from Lee County! We had Blu-Ridg serenading our guests as they first arrived at the 3rd Annual Bluegrass Jamboree, and we loved them so much that we asked for more!

Emcee Dick Spottswood

Dick Spottswood Emcee for Bluegrass Jamboree

Dick Spottswood pictured above with local band Blu-Ridg at 3rd Annual Bluegrass Jamboree

It's not the Bluegrass Jamboree without our wonderful Emcee Dick Spottswood leading the show for us! Dick Spottswood has an amazing Bluegrass career, and you can catch his Bluegrass Radio Show on 88.5 HD-2 WAMU for some bluegrass music and news. He has Emceed every Bluegrass Jamboree, since the beginning!